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Braided Horsehair Scarf Slide Three Tone

Braided Horsehair Scarf Slide Three Tone

Offered here is a 3/4 inch tall three tone braided horsehair scarf slide. Colors are a natural cream color blending to a medium brown and then to a dark brown. Because this is horsehair, colors may vary. This horsehair wild rag slide works with the standard bandannas, wild rags and scarves we sell at our store. THE ONLY WAY THE SLIDE WILL WORK WITH OUR HEAVIER SCARVES, WHICH ARE JACQUARD'S AND LIMITED EDITIONS, IS IF YOU DOUBLE WRAP THE SCARVES ON YOUR NECK THEN YOU ARE NOT PULLING TOO MUCH BULK THROUGH THIS SLIDE. YOU MUST ALSO DOUBLE WRAP THE BIG BUCKAROO BANDANNAS TO MAKE THIS SLIDE WORK.  Imported

Weight : 0.25 lbs
Our price: $16.00
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