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Very Unique Vintage Bit

Very Unique Vintage Bit
The workmanship on this old bit is wonderful as you can see from these pictures. The width of the mouthpiece that comes with this bit measures 4 inches. It looks South American and we wonder if it is a Paso Fino bit.

The unique feature here is that the mouthpiece can be interchanged with another one. You can have one built or if you have one that is interchangeable this bit can be widened or the complete style of the mouthpiece can be changed.

The decorative cheek pieces on this bit are screwed on by the decorative thumbscrew looking thing you can see and they also help lock the mouthpiece in.

The mouthpiece is made of iron or steel as it rusts. We're not sure of the material of the cheek pieces and the rest of the bit, or how it was made. It is non-magnetic...if it has silver in it is a low content. It acid tests showing a copper content. It is some kind of alloy, and you can see tarnish. There are no maker marks on this piece.
Weight : 5.00 lbs
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