My Cousins 1st Trailer/Bought Used 1962 It Was a Beauty Back Then Images of The Old West

Posted by Garth Jepperson on

In these images  you see my cousins 1st trailer which he bought used in 1962 when he was 25, it was a real beauty back then. I remember a chariot he probably raced, it had the same color scheme. He is a real horseman.....when I took this picture he was telling me about riding on top of Bridle Veil Falls up Provo Canyon in Utah. I told him I always wondered what it looked like up there and his wife spoke up. She said you better have a good horse and it better be in shape.
I can believe it :)

PS: The 1982 movie "Savannah Smiles", contains scenes in Provo Canyon including Bridal Veil falls.

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