Legend of the Square Knot

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A great story to pass to our customers.

Back in the old West, there was a legend about the famous square knot tied on the neck scarves that the cowboys wore. Those scarves were used for much more than keeping the prairie dust out. Of course those scarves were an instant wrap for a wound -or-dipping that scarf in a cold stream in the heat of the summer.

But...Legend has it that there was a secret language between the stage coach drivers and the robbers. 
If the knot was showing a certain side the robbers knew it was safe to rob the coach. 
If the other side of the knot was showing, it meant the law was aboard and it was not safe.

It might be true and it might just be a tall tail to tell around the camp fire at night, who knows :o)

So enjoy tying your scarf and see the difference between the front and the back of the knot....and next time your sitting around the campfire, you might just have a story of your own to tell.

Happy Trails From Sanpete Spur & Silver

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