Horse Hair Bracelet One Size Fits All Orange/White/Black WIDE

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  • These braided horse hair bracelets are made by hand. 
  • Because our supplier has 14 braiders creating these bracelets, the colors will be the same...but you may see some variation in each design.
  • This horse hair bracelet has a orange and white center and black and white border for its colors.
  • It measures 5/8 of an inch in it's width and is adjustable from small to large by sliding it through the loop, which makes them fit all wrist sizes. It's great for cowgirls or cowboys.
  • One size fits all
  • Country of origin: Mexico
    Please note, you are not buying a factory made item.
    These bracelets are individually braided, from different colored horses, who have different thickness of hair. The measurements and colors we have given you are close...but not exact.