Western Leather Suspenders/Galluses Heavy Duty HDX by Nocona Black

  • $ 30.40
  • Save $ 7.60

  • Take a look at these heavy duty Western leather suspenders. These Galluses are a smooth leather with beveled edges. Cowboys can use these nice leather suspenders to look fancy, or they can use them to look fancy and hold up their pants too!

  • These 1-1/4 inch wide leather suspenders are made with a Heavy Duty leather, have a Heavy Duty elastic adjustment on the back, and have the nice snaps on them instead of those grippers that tear up your pants. This set of Galluses is black in color.
  • You can see by the picture that they have two snaps in the front to hook to your belt loops, and one snap in the back attached to the suspenders with an adjustable elastic to give you some tension adjustment. There are also two buckles, one on each side in the front, to give you some  adjustment as well. All the fittings  are a silver color.


 For the best fit get a piece of string and measure from the top of the center belt loop in the back of your pants, up and over one shoulder, and then down the front to the top of your front belt loop. Then measure the string and order the size that you need. 

If you can not take the measurement, (like for a gift) the next best way is to guess by using a shirt size, and if the torso is shorter than the norm, go down one size in suspenders from the shirt size. Example; if your shirt size is an XL and your torso is shorter than the norm, go down to a Large in suspender selection.

  • Country Of Origin: China