How to Tie A Western Cowboy Bandanna or Wild Rag

Our farier, James Stewart, took the time to show us one way to tie a western cowboy bandanna or wild rag.
He also left us with a little bit of bandit lore, which is at the bottom of this page.
Also shown are some examples of his blacksmithing skills.
Thanks James

1-let your wild rag hang from your neck and grab it with both hands as shown.
With your left hand stick your pointer finger out.

2-Your pointer finger needs to go underneath the right side of the wild rag

3-Take your right hand and wrap the wild rag around your left pointer finger.
Pull the wild rag toward your body and then up and over your finger

4-Make sure it looks like this picture

5-Now use you left hand baby finger to grab and hold on to that right side tail.
Notice how that tail goes on top of your middle and ring finger and under your baby finger

6-With your right hand reach through and grab the left side of the wild rag.
Let go of any grip you have on it with your left hand so your right hand has complete control of it.
Notice how he has not let go of the hold he has with his left pointer finger or baby finger of his left hand.

7- Bring the left side through and over the top of the fingernail side of your pointer finger.

8-Wrap it around your finger nail and bring it up from the back side

9-You now have two loops around your pointer finger.
With your right hand pointer finger stick it right through the middle of the loop you just made (which is loose)
and latch on to the very first loop you made around that left pointer finger ( which is tight).

10-Loosen up your grip with your baby finger so you can pull that
first loop out through the middle of that second loop.

11-Keep pullin till you can easily stick your finger through your new loop you are now making.

12-See it here

13-Yep, now your going to take that loose tail that is sittin on top,
and stick it through that loop you just made.

14-You now have the famous cowboy knot.

Front Side

Back Side

Legend has it that there was a secret language between the stage coach drivers and the robbers.
If the knot was showing a certain side the robbers knew it was safe to rob the coach.
If the other side of the knot was showing, it meant the law was aboard and it was not safe.

It might be true and it might just be a tall tail to tell around the camp fire at night, who knows :)

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