Fiebings Glycerine Saddle Soap Bar/7 Oz/Leather and Animal Coat/USA

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  • Glycerine has many uses. It brings back to life any leather product such as boots or saddles, but it's good to know of it's other benefits....the hair connected to that leather!


  • Applied to horse, cow, dog and yes, people, it restores softness to the skin underneath, which takes all kinds of abuse from soaps and such. It puts luster to the coat (or hair), and shine to the hoof. This is what folks that show their animals use.


  • It is water soluble so apply wet, to leather, or skin by using a damp sponge, rag, or mitt to this bar, and distributing it over whatever surface you are treating, whether it is straight leather or the hair, or both.

  • On your own hair, just wet your hands, work up a lather from the bar and apply it to your hair. I've seen pictures where glycerine soap has been strung by a rope and hung right in the shower to use.

  • On a horse, you could even use a finishing brush to distribute it throughout the coat.

  • Made in the USA