Horse Hair Bracelet One Size Fits All Brown/Turquoise

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  • These braided horse hair bracelets are made by hand.

  • Because our supplier has 14 braiders creating these bracelets, the colors will be the same...but you may see some variation in each design

  • WOMEN...these bracelets should fit your hand no matter what your hand size is. 

    MEN...please note...for you, these bracelets fit small to med sized men's hands.  If you have Large or XLarge hands, you might want to consider our wide bracelets, as they have a bigger opening.

  •  It measures 7/16 of an inch in it's width and is adjustable from small to large by sliding it through the loop, which makes them fit all wrist sizes. It's great for cowgirls or cowboys.

    Please note, you are not buying a factory made item. 

    These bracelets are individually braided, from different colored horses, who have different thickness of hair. The measurements and colors we have given you are close...but not exact.

  • country of manufacture Mexico