Rodeo Wallet /Brown/Bison/USA made by Coronado Leather

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  • These rodeo wallets by Coronado Leather are 100% made in the USA, from the leather of the American Bison

  • What a great part of America's history! Using heavier full-grain hides with a bold, pronounced pebble grain, Bison is 50% more durable than cow hides. They are oil tanned, with hand finished edges and details, all cut, stitched and hand polished with American craftsmanship, even the stitching is a heavier thread.

  • These Western wallets are simple and functional with minimal stitching and have un-lined interiors

  • The interior has 2 full length pockets for bills and card pocket that holds 3 cards in thickness.

  • Color is a rich medium brown, and measures 6-3/4 inches x 3-1/4 inches folded up.

  • Colors on these Western leather rodeo wallets may vary slightly.

  • Country Of Origin: United States

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