Western Cowboy Buckaroo Pommel Raincoat Slicker /Wyoming Traders/New/SASS

  • 7500

  • These camel colored cotton muslin western saddle slickers are light weight, hand painted with acrylic latex, waterproof as well as wind resistant. 
  •  They have a red wool collar with a storm closure.
  •  This nice rain slicker has a inner muslin lining and 2 over sized outer pockets.
  •  Two rows of buttons, one for riding and a closer set for walking.
  • Gusseted rear for straddling your saddle.
  • Metal buttons stamped with the Wyoming Traders symbol adds a nice finish to this full length western slicker.
  • Please note: On sizing...the most accurate way is to go with your shirt size.  If you wear a Large shirt, buy a Large slicker.